Room 306: How we are losing our young men over their quest to sexually satisfy girls beyond one round – Lawyer

Barrister Chukwdi Iwuchukwu of Visage Media writes on the trending video were a man recorded (audio) pounding his female partners aggressively.

We need to be worried about that viral 306 video which is currently trending on social media.

That video is a classic example why we are losing our young men in their prime to the grim reaper just because the society expected them to satisfy their female partners at all cost, even at the risk of their health.

How do you pound somebody’s daughter with that intensity during sex?

Are you prospecting for crude oil in her vagina?

That video tells a story and the story is simple:

No sane healthy man pounds his female partner that way. It is not normal and we should not applaud nor encourage it as the standard and model.

For whatever it is worth,the unknown guy in that video is under the influence of a foreign substance which stimulated his kinetic power from 0 to 100 kilowatts hence he could pound someone’s daughter with such aggression and raw energy.

We need to be worried.

Our sons, fathers, uncles and male bosses are dropping dead before our eyes during sex because we expect them to perform with such aggression as seen in that video and that push them to patronize and consume all manners of sex stimulants and drugs hawked on Instagram because they can’t afford to disappoint their women by going below the bar when it comes to staying power and pounding energy.

But one thing I know and I’m very sure is this:

No man on earth has won gold by pounding her partners vagina with such aggression during sex so let’s take it easy Bikonu and rather let’s encourage one heathy round at a time.

That video is disturbing and it is important we encourage the men in our lives to embrace healthy lifestyle and also exercise if they desire to be fit and stay longer in bed.

Consuming sexual enhancement stimulants affect the kidney as it helps no one.

It is better to be a 30 seconds Man but live longer than aspiring to beat the man in that viral room 306 video and then drop dead in the process because one day, your heart might fail you after taking those sexual enhancement substance and that is the end of your journey.

The woman you want to satisfy at all cost by showing her your sexual prowess will move on with her life by dating the next available man.

I can’t emphasize this well enough.

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